Custom made to your State’s OSHA Specific Requirements Online Safety Manual Federal or local State OSHA  - required Safety Manual or Injury & Illness Prevention Plan
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All Safety Manuals are available in MS Word format.
We have both English and Spanish versions available.

We do all the work for you after filling out our Safety Manual “Customization Form”. You will receive a printed copy that is a complete finished product including all the necessary forms for only $450.00. We offer a very comprehensive OSHA Safety Manual and we are the leader in the trade. Dr. Renfro has been writing safety programs since 1991. Don’t risk the liability of getting another manual from a competitor that will not cover you on all the required OSHA standards and regulations. Order from us and you will know that your company is covered on all the safety topics required. Our OSHA Safety Manuals have been reviewed and inspected by OSHA in almost every state and we guarantee that it will pass – hands down!!!

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Why Buy from Us? Because - "We are the BEST in the Business".

Owned and operated by Dr. Robert Renfro, Safety was developed & created by an experienced team of health professionals, industrial hygienist and attorneys to provide an affordable method of compliance with State and Federal OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) Standards and Regulations.

Save at least $7,000.00 and be ready when OSHA visits your Business! If you are lacking in any area and need help, act now and order your manual or contact our office.

Each order is customized for each individual company and industry. Order the items that you need and then fill out our "Customization Form".

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OSHA Compliance Group, Inc. was one of the first safety compliance companies to offer compliance with ISNetworld®, PEC Premier®, Avetta formerly PICS® Auditing, Safety Council Solutions® and others. We are currently the industry leader for providing quality safety programs with top notch customer service at a reasonable price. We have Superior Customer Service and when you call us you get a live person to help you.

Most Client's Obtain a 100% Approval Rate on their MSQ™, T-RAVS™ and RAVS® or Review And Verification Services Safety Programs with our custom Contractor, Oil and Petroleum Safety Manuals & Submission Services in a short period of time.

Order Now, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

We can supply your business with a safety manual that is custom specific to your industry - and is in compliance with all applicable Federal and/or State OSHA requirements. Each safety manual is custom built, begining with the combination of all the various standards that are needed to meet the requirements of your Industry. Your company’s safety information is then integrated into the document, using approximatly 15 different variables to create your company's OSHA compliant safety manual. Each manual also includes a safety training program and 30 safety forms.
If OSHA doesn't get you, the lawyers probably will. Avoid costs and time lost resulting from accident investigation, depositions, lawsuits, and paperwork. Avoid stiff penalties; as of June 14, 1994 OSHA raised the minimum penalty from $5,000 to $25,000 and even criminal charges can be imposed. With our help there are no more worries if OSHA visits. We will supply everything you need to complete your safety and health management plan.

We offer either on-line training and Interactive CD Courseware at very affordable pricing. For further details click on the links below.

For Immediate On-line Training Click Here .

CD Interactive Training Courseware Click Here

All Safety Manuals are Custom made to your State’s OSHA Specific Requirements.The safety manual is anywhere from a 300 to 800 page document covering you on all OSHA issues. We customized the manual for your business and will include your company logo if you send it to us(jpeg). In addition to a hard copy, it can optionally be supplied on a Compact Disk in the MS Word and PDF formats. Updates and revisions, as mandated from the state, will follow as the legal requirements change. Updates are included at no cost during the first year. Annual update service is available for $99.00 in electronic format.

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